Organizacja jako mechanizm czyli słoń w pokoju

The era of "sacred cows" of engineering is slowly coming to an end. Software engineering, after almost 20 years of an "agile" approach to this branch of engineering, is beginning to mature into "real engineering" with analysis, design and testing on the "drawing board" of CASE systems and MBSE approaches, which are a universal systems approach to multidisciplinary engineering (mechatronics) (Rosenberg, 2023). Organizations are also systems and their engineering: we have business process engineering, resource engineering, financial engineering. Organizations are systems and should be treated and modeled as such (Kozminski, 1979). IT systems maintenance and development costs are already more than 8% of a company's revenue, and this value is slowly but steadily growing. The discipline of their creation, implementation and management of their costs is also growing.

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