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David Harel. (2001). Rzecz o istocie informatyki. Algorytmika. (Zbigniew Weiss & Piotr Carlson, Trans.; Wydanie trzecie). PWN.

Diagram aktywności UML c.d. – algorytmy

Technical Description of Software, as documentation of the mechanism of its operation, requires precision because it constitutes documentation of know-how (it can also be part of patent documentation). Such documentation cannot be source code of a specific (one of many on the market) programming language, as it must be a "dry" description of the mechanism of operation, and not an example of one of many possible implementations. This is also pointed out by the author of the above-mentioned book. Therefore, the documentation of the system, it is not its example implementation ("working code"), it is the essence of its operation expressed as an abstract model.

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